About IW

About Us

Vision Statement: Social justice and peace through interfaith understanding and cooperation.

Interfaith Works (IW) is a non-profit association of faith communities and individuals of diverse faith traditions.

We have a long-standing history of bringing the human and financial resources of our faith communities together with business and government agencies for the benefit of those in need.

We strive to participate in endeavors which are relevant to the times in which we live, while maintaining our identities as people of faith.

Read and download Interfaith Works’ 43rd Annual Report, May 2017 (PDF format).

Read A Brief History of Interfaith Works.

Board of Directors

President: Rev. Kedda Keough
Vice-President: Catherine Carmel
Secretary: John Terranova
Treasurer: Ivy Gilliam
Director: Naki Stevens
Director: Mary Wharton (Past President)
Director: Teri Lolcama
Director: Andrew Rayment
Director: Heather Mary
Director: Kathy Gilliam


Co-Executive Director for Interfaith Works: Lisa Gosiaco
Co-Executive Director for Homeless Services: Meg Martin, MSW
Operations Manager: Deborah Schmidt

Download IW’s general brochure (PDF format) by clicking here.