Earth Stewards

Interfaith Works Earth Stewards committee is not active at this time, but here is some information on recent activity on this topic:

The Earth Stewards worked on climate change issues (see The Pope’s Video about Care for Creation embeded below).

The Stewards were concerned about and worked on the loss of bees and other pollinators due to neonicotinoid pesticides and opportunities to make a difference at the local level.

The Earth Stewards also actively stood up to oil and coal through our collaboration with Earth Ministry.


“How Science and Art Explain the Carbon Cycle and Climate” was the August 2016 program by Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation which is an affiliate member organization of Interfaith Works. It used easily understandable science and visually explicit art to help us explore some interesting aspects of the climate crisis. Glen Anderson of Olympia FOR interviewed Pat Boutin Wald, an educator, Richard Gammon, a scientist, and Heather Taylor Zimmerman, an artist, to explore this topic by interacting with each other.

Watch it here:


 The Paddle to Nisqually

The Paddle to Nisqually Canoe Journey was a tremendous success, with more than 100 canoe families and 15,000 spectators at the Port of Olympia on July 30th cheering their arrival. Many Interfaith Works supporters volunteered for the week long event, described in detail in an excellent article in The Olympian: Nisqually’s Canoe Journey reignites Coast Salish culture.


Interfaith Works Board of Directors Endorsed Initiative 732, Clean Energy for Our Children’s Future

The Earth Stewards of Interfaith Works are active on the issue of climate change and what we can do locally to make a difference. With the support of the Stewards, at its monthly meeting February 9, 2016, the Interfaith Works Board of Directors unanimously adopted the following motion:

People of faith worldwide bring a crucial spiritual and moral voice to the issue of climate change and the pressing need to act boldly. The Interfaith Works Board of Directors* finds that passage of Initiative 732 would be an important step forward in combating climate change and therefore endorses I-732 and will educate its members and the wider community about climate change and the value I-732 would have in stemming the worst effects on low-income people and on the ecosystem that sustains use all.

I-732 would have placed a tax on carbon emissions in Washington in order to reduce use of fossil fuels, which are having such a devastating effect on climate. The intent was that the law be “revenue neutral” so the Business and Occupation tax would be eliminated, and the sales tax would be reduced by a penny, thereby reducing the regressive nature of our state’s tax system. Some of the revenue generated by the carbon tax would also have been returned to people currently filing for the Earned Income Tax Credit, so it would have also been a help to low income people.

The state legislature did not act on I-732 last winter so it was then on the November 2016 ballot.  It was defeated.

The Interfaith Works brochure on supporting 1-732 is here. (PDF format)

*This action reflected the position of the Board of Directors of Interfaith Works and does not represent the views of any specific member faith community or congregation of Interfaith Works or any related denominational movement.