Help Support Interfaith Works – Year End Giving

November 2017

Dear Friends and Partners of Interfaith Works,

The approach of winter once again throws into sharp relief the needs and challenges faced by people in our community who live unsheltered, sleeping outside or in places not meant for human habitation, without access to basic services.

On the whole, we are a caring and generous-hearted community, but the resources available through local government do not cover even the most basic needs – there are large gaps that remain in our local ‘safety net’. Interfaith Works is dedicated to responding to these safety net gaps. For over 25 years, we have faithfully worked to address homelessness, both the immediate realities on the street and pursuing realistic, long-term solutions.

We are writing to ask that you again join us in our work by making a financial contribution.  We need your support to continue to serve our un-housed neighbors.

In recent months we have begun to see major new progress in this work. In September, after more than two years of planning, the new Providence Community Care Center opened its doors in downtown Olympia. The Center is a unique resource never before seen in our community: a single point of access for people living on the street who need basic hygiene amenities and day respite, with access to behavioral health, substance treatment, housing, and other services. It operates cooperatively as a partnership between Providence Health, Interfaith Works and other local service providers. The initial weeks at the Center have been a great success…and very busy. Interfaith Works staff is responsible for the day room, hygiene facilities and outdoor area. We accommodate an average of over 200 people a day who use these resources.

In addition to our work at the Care Center, Interfaith Works is marking three years of nightly sheltering at our Overnight Shelter at First Christian Church. In November 2014 we opened Thurston County’s first shelter that prioritizes services for the most vulnerable people, a major improvement on the “first come, first served” model that made it nearly impossible for people with complex challenges to access care they so desperately needed. Since opening our doors we have provided over 45,000 bed-nights of shelter to hundreds of single adults/couples (and their pets!), with a 100% occupancy rate. As The Olympian recently noted, “[Interfaith Works] has truly been stepping up to face and solve South Sound’s homelessness troubles when others have not.”

We have helped changed the way this community thinks about its most vulnerable neighbors. Compassion is alive and well – a real force shaping our civic conversations and public policies around homelessness and the social safety net. That alone is worth appreciating and celebrating.

Championing compassion in challenging times is what Interfaith Works is all about.

For forty-three years, we have pursued social justice, fought prejudice and promoted interfaith understanding and cooperation. With a strong, committed base of faith and community partners, we have worked together to be a voice for tolerance, inclusion and civility.

As an eventful 2017 comes to a close, we invite you to join us once more in our mission by contributing as generously as you are able. We’re a truly local organization – and we couldn’t do this important work without your continuing support.


Mary Wharton

Daniel Kadden
Executive Director